RosaflorArt LLC

Meet the artist!

Geilsa Rosa Miller (aka Rosinha ) a self-taught abstract expressionist artist. She was born in Brazil and moved to Miami at the age of 17, and now lives in Broward County. 

As young child, Geilsa Rosinha always wanted to be an artist. When she was in high school she signed up for art classes and never stopped painting. She started out painting greeting cards, t-shirts and caps and sold them to family and friends. 

As a teenager, she always attended the Coconut Grove Art Festival, and always dreamed of being part of it as an artist one day. 

Adding color to a blank canvas is her passion, and she is inspired by her childhood memories of the colors of the CARNAVAL DO BRAZIL, the beach, and the Amazon forest.  She takes pride in each and every canvas she paints. 

You can find out more of Geilsa Rosinha’s work on instagram, under @RosaflorArt and on Facebook under @Geilsa Rosinha Miller.